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Each day through out the week, we have different events happening. You're more than welcome to participate or do your own thing!



All events listed are happening on our second floor. Main floor is still open for gaming.

March 15: Ragga Revival - Marcus, Krinjah @ See-Scape

March 16: +Resurrection+ Goth Night

March 21: Law/Less (WI), Hugh Man, Last Agony, Sabotage 

March 22: Spring Offensive 2019 - SeeScape - Friday March 22

March 23: AESSENTIAL: Future Funk at See-Scape

March 29: NiGHtMaRe with DJ Ogi (Croatia)

March 30: ACT102 Presents: Double Birthday Bash! (2pm-4pm)

March 31: Science Fiction Vol. 1 (Sonic Crusaders 35th B-day bash)

April 5:  Yuseddit Brothers + Slow Drags @See-Scape

April 6: The Geeky Craftorium

April 9: Arseholes (Philly)/Reptoid/Last Agony/Maldita 

April 10: Fuck, Bud! / God Of Gaps / Deceiver / Dead Weight / Useless Mass

April 12: Envoy Spring Birthday Bash

April 20: Mortläch / KickxAssxViolence / TOAD / PBS

April 26: Fed Ash / Acid Shower / Beggin' For Oxys / Toxocariasis

April 27: HAPPY HOP - A Happy Hardcore Bunnanza!

Game Nights And Live Magic:
Tuesdays: Half price  gaming night you get 50% off the video gaming fee and board game fee.  We also have a various group of Magicians performing at 8:30pm until 9:30pm in the upstairs area. Free event as well! Perfect for date nights.  
Every Wednesdays at 7pm we have Magic Drafts here at See-Scape
It is 15$ to enter the Magic Drafts
Every Wednesdays from 7pm- 11pm
Hosted by Morgan, every Wednesday at 10pm we have Karaoke, it's a free event so come out and rock our stage! We also have drink specials to get you some liquid courage! 
When: Every Wednesdays as of now, at 10pm until 2am
Fridays:  We will usually have different types of events on Fridays. Sometimes it is Robot Fights or Burledque shows, but that happens on our second floor. We're open for fun and games on the main floor always, unless it is a private event which we will let people know in advance.
Saturdays: Since we have two floors there usually will always be an event happening upstairs. The main floor is still open for fun and games unless it is a private event, which doesn't happen too often.

Sundays: Usually some sort of movie night upstairs at the moment. On the main floor we have it open for Board Games, Video Games D&D. You'll also see a few Tekken players coming in for casuals. Come join the fun!

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